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No matter your skill level, In a flash , everyone takes their place in the line according to rank and class they train in. the instructor enters the training area and every students bows. The senior student begins to formally get everyone ready for the class. As each student listens to the sound of their own breathing, for the first time they become aware of the sweat rolling down their faces. They now realize that every muscle in their body has been worked. Eyes closed in meditation, they hear only their own heartbeats as a wave of deep inner calm sweeps over them.

Whether it’s our Don Jitsu Ryu, Power Yoga, Aikido, Judo, Kick-Fit Boxing or Caribbean Aerobics sessions. At Purple Dragon, you will learn to focus your Ki and unlock this inner force. Working with you, your Purple Dragon teacher brings your total being – body and mind – together as one. Each exercise brings you closer to perfecting total concentration and total focus, so that you gain the ability to release this dynamic force.

You will have the opportunity to meet and speak with our friendly and professionally trained Instructors. Through our course, you will get first hand understanding of our school. We invite you to come in and visit one of our schools around the world.