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Fitness Kickboxing provides a tremendous workout for women and men of all fitness levels. Whether you want to remain fit, get fit or improve your competitive athletic performance, this is the right program for you. At Purple Dragon® you will learn a combination of techniques from Western Boxing, Thailand Kickboxing and French Savate “Foot Fighting” from our certified and qualified instructors.

Fitness Kickboxing is one of the favorite workouts for Hollywood stars. All roads lead to dazzling results. That’s the reason why Purple Dragon’s Fitness Kickboxing, Yoga, Carobics™ and Martial Arts programs have been the Caribbean’s # 1 and longest running program.

These programs are very strong at our Purple Dragon Canada, UK and USA Dojos. We now offer Fitness-Kickboxing, Carobics™, and Body sculpting classes at several locations around the world for ladies, gents and children of all ages.