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Like the bamboo, strength combined with flexibility is total fitness and total fitness is what you can expect from every class. Incorporating the best of the exercise physiology, our classes develop each and every muscle in your body, building greater strength and muscle definition. Your heart and lungs are your body’s engine, fueling every part with blood and oxygen.

We bring cardiovascular conditioning to its peak, expanding the capacity of your heart and lungs. Tiring activities will begin to feel more and more effortless. Each class also includes flexibility, strengthening and limbering exercises. Greater flexibility helps you to move more freely and enjoy youthful agility, as can be seen and experienced not only in our Karate and Don-Jitsu Ryu classes, but also in our Power Yoga, Aikido, Judo, Karobics, Kendo and Kick-Fit-Boxing sessions.

In short, you will quickly notice an over- all improvement in your endurance, muscle development and flexibility. When you look good, you feel good, and that improves your whole outlook on life.