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Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu System was born in 1970 out of the will and determination of a 16-year old young man, Grand Master Professor Don Anthony Jacob, to bring about positive change in his life and the lives of thousands of other people through the practice of martial arts.

The first school was founded in 1970 under a breadfruit tree on Westbury Lane in Belmont, on the eastern side of Port of Spain in Trinidad

“We used to call it Hell Yard. We got some galvanise, covered it over, and called it a dojo. We paid TT$6 a month for the space,” Don Jacob recalls. He was only 15 years old then, and charged students TT$1.50 to learn his Don Jitsu-Ryu martial arts fighting system.

Until he acquired this headquarters, Jacob had traversed Trinidad on a Chopper bicycle which he bought for TT$25, teaching his techniques and gradually realizing that he could actually earn a living by doing what he loved

Today, with World Headquarters located at Barataria, Trinidad,  there are over 45 branches of Purple Dragon Dojos in 12 countries, spanning the Caribbean, United States, Canada and England.

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