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A person lunges at you with a weapon. Automatically, you avoid the attack and sweep him off his feet. Another person comes at you from the side, throwing a punch. Without any thought, you duck the punch and deliver a kick. Before you know it, someone grabs you from behind. Instinctively, you flip him over your hip. Suddenly, the Purple Dragon Teacher says, “Yami (Stop)”. Every- thing stops. You and your fellow students bow respectfully to each other, knowing that each attack and defense was controlled enough to teach you the most practical self- defense without hurting one another.

Through simulated situations of what could happen in real life, your Purple Dragon Teacher will teach you a streetwise self-defense that prepares you for virtually any type of assault.

Don Jitsu Ryu Martial Arts promotes complete physical fitness, mental health and spiritual wellness. It teaches you to block and execute head, hand, elbow, knee and foot techniques that are effective at close, mid and long range. If you are grabbed, you will know what to do through Jiu-jitsu – the gentle deadly Art – that teaches you through strikes, submission holds and joint locks. Also, through learning our method of Aikido, “The way of blending your inner energy”, you will learn to use your opponent’s strength and energy to your advantage.

Combining techniques from these disciplines – Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Kendo, Kick-Fit Boxing and Aikido – is what makes Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu a hybrid fighting style. One of the most well-rounded, effective self- defense programs in the world.