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Our Tiny Dragon warrior’s classes are designed to be fun, easy, and informative. We work on things like fine motor skills, balance, and flexibility while giving them the basics of martial arts. Children at this level of classes gain so much in the way of social skills, making goals and sticking to them, and using their energy in healthy and productive ways.

These classes for young kids help them learn to share with peers and teach them to garner good relationships with others their age. We encourage the students to work together as teams or pairs to teach them to communicate and help their fellow students. Children have a lot of energy, and we help them harness that energy into fun and productive ways in our classes. They get the chance to use up a lot of energy while learning Don Jitsu Ryu techniques and having an appropriate time with their friends and peers.

A big goal of ours in these classes is to teach your child never to give up. We start the kids early in learning the value of perseverance, something they will develop even more over the years they are in our school. ATTENTION SPAN It’s hard to get kids to focus on just one thing when all they want to do is run around and play. It’s even worse for the kids who spend hours sitting still in school all day.

Local martial arts lessons are great ways to let your kids expend energy with something physical while increasing their attention span. They get to move their bodies, letting them get out all of the pent up energy from the school day, while paying attention to the instructions are for the class. They will be calmer and more focused in school – and at home – the more they learn with us!

FOCUS AND MOTOR SKILLS Don Jitsu Ryu is an excellent tool to help teach your child focus as well as help their motor skills. The stances in Don Jitsu Ryu teach balance, and we gradually move into using movements and strikes. Any type of martial arts takes a great deal of focus; that’s something students will work on over time to build those skills up. These skills can all be applied to other areas of their lives, like school and sports, too! SCHEDULE YOUR FREE TRIAL CLASS TODAY!