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ONE: Upon arrival at our dojo, someone will test you at the door with a non-contact thermometer for everyone’s safety.

Purple Dragon students do not congregate on the outside while waiting for class or exiting. We ensure the safe social distance between students. The parents/students either remain in their cars or stand spaced 6 feet apart or two meters apart outside the dojo until the Instructor motions that they are allowed and welcomed into the dojo, always maintaining a safe social distance protocol. *No food is permitted in the Purple Dragon Dojo unless medically necessary*

TWO: Everyone will be required to remove their shoes before entering the dojo as shoes are known to transport all types of bacteria, which is why we do not wear shoes on the dojo. Shoes worn inside may threaten your health. We keep our members safe by using a precautionary measure.

THREE: All Purple Dragon classes will be 45 minutes to an hour. Before each class starts, all touchpoints such as door handles, light switches, touch screens, tabletops, etc. are sanitized.

Mats steamed, all chairs wiped down, shoe rack sanitized, bathrooms and changing rooms clean.

We ensure all Purple Dragon dojo remain stocked with the necessary cleaning and sanitation supplies. We follow the CDC Guidelines as closely as possible.

FOUR: We ensure our students wash their hands before and after classes and use an easy to breathe face covering. If a student does not have a face-covering, we can make them available at a cost.

FIVE: Purple Dragon floor space marked for social distancing.  YES, we offer online classes for students with pre-existing conditions until further notice.

SIX: Purple Dragon, without question, is a proactive, clean, sanitized and safe environment for all members.

SEVEN: We are communicating with you in real-time to keep you safe and informed as to your safety in class as we battle the pandemic together.

EIGHT: Should you visit a Purple Dragon dojo, you can discuss with the Instructor how you can contribute to aid us in battling the Covid virus on the dojo.

NINE: We welcome our students in the dojo. Once everyone follows the rules together, we will bring Covid-19 to a halt.

TEN: Importantly, we strive to stay in contact with our students to aid them in remaining in good health and wellness.


Thank you for visiting this page. We look forward to your membership and attendance at one of our dojos.



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