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Cayman Islands

Shihan Floyd Baptiste – 6th Dan Black Belt

Shihan Floyd Baptiste is the driving force behind the success of Purple Dragon in the Cayman Islands. He lives and work in the beautiful Cayman Islands. He and his assistants are active in tournaments and teach Don Jitsu Ryu Karate and Karobics (Karate Aerobics).

To contact Shihan Floyd email or call 345-946-1241


Shihan Don Francis – 6th Dan Black Belt

Shihan Francis is always excited about the development of Purple Dragon in Antigua. He has travelled to USA, China and Japan with the Purple Dragon team.

The assistant instructors are the dependable Sensei Jason Joseph and Senpai Tarick Mullin. Shihan Francis has been with Purple Dragon for over 25 years. Together with his assistants truly are an awesome team on the island.

To try one of their classes please e-mail: or call: 1-268-732-1311


Sensei Shawn Clarke – 4th Dan Black Belt

Sensei Shawn has been training for over 26 years in Purple Dragon under Shihan Don Francis and Shihan Ivan Rodrigues and currently operates Purple Dragon St. Paul’s branch in Antigua. Sensei Shawn has participated in Purple Dragon Caribbean Grand Slams, US Open Championship and Purple Dragon World Championships.

He has travelled to Trinidad & Tobago and the USA representing Purple Dragon Antigua.

To try one of Sensei Shawn’s classes please email  or call 1-268-720-8314


Sensei Bevon Baptiste – 4th Dan Black Belt

Sensei Bevon Baptiste joined Purple Dragon at the age of 12 under Shihan Albert Andrews. Over the years he has traveled, trained and competed in many countries such as Canada, USA, Japan and the Caribbean.

Sensei Bevon now operate two Dojos in the BVI on the islands of Tortola and Virgin Gorda.  His passion for teaching is displayed in his fun and exciting classes.

To try one of Sensei Bevon’s classes please email or call 1-284-341-7624.


Sensei Verne Turnbull – 4th Dan Black Belt

Sensei Verne operates his Don Jitsu Ryu classes in Tortola BVI. He started his training under Shihan Albert Andrews. He has travelled to Trinidad, Dominica, and USA representing Purple Dragon.

To try one of Sensei Verne’s classes please Phone: 1-284-499-5989 or Email:


Sensei Ryan Lewis – 4th Dan Black Belt

Sensei Ryan operates the Purple Dragon Grenada Branch. He travels to Trinidad and to upgrade his knowledge.

To try one of Sensei Ryan’s classes, please email: or call 1-473-404-9599

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