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Purple Dragon, an international leader in the martial arts industry, is committed to providing the highest standard to self-defense and fitness systems to all its members. The dojos’ respective leaders – all of whom are certified in Don Jitsu Ryu – impart the most practical and all-inclusive instructions through Purple Dragon’s many innovative and exclusive programs. Purple Dragon is intent on maintaining its reputation of integrity as it continually expands its global reach.


Purple Dragon’s mantra, “Don Jitsu Ryu is not just a style, but a lifestyle,” is no cliché. Our certified instructors encourage students to live up to the ideals of Don Jitsu Ryu, by embracing a holistic standard of living, promoting health and wellness, and the appropriate application of the system.

All instructors, who are certified in Don Jitsu Ryu, apply this to each training session in keeping with Purple Dragon’s formidable reputation.

Nearing 50 years of existence, we continuously strive to improve our standards to the benefit of all members worldwide and by extension the respective communities in which we serve.

Having visited six continents and over 50 countries, from Mexico to China, Purple Dragon’s Don Jitsu Ryu , led by founder Don Jacob, has inspired hundreds of thousands of martial arts enthusiasts, workshops, lectures, presentations, tournaments, and grading events, leaving a positive, lasting impression of the organization and the countries where our respective dojos are based. 

Since opening its doors for the first time in 1970, Purple Dragon and Don Jitsu Ryu have spread rapidly and the all-inclusive system is now practiced by thousands of members in 50-plus dojos located in the Caribbean, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. It is undisputedly the single largest private martial arts organization in the Caribbean, having dominated the region in terms of membership and standards for over 30 years. 

In addition to creating and evolving the Don Jitsu Ryu, Don Jacob has also inspired readers the world over, having authored a number of books, which illustrate its combat techniques, guides to self-defense, tournament protocol, the organization’s all-encompassing value system, and many other critical themes. Flesh & Bone, one of Purple Dragon’s best selling publications is a particularly useful resource to learn the steps required to obtain the highest degrees within the system.

The various titles, along with Purple Dragon apparel, DVDs, merchandise and equipment are available for purchase at our online store or our supply store located on Henry St, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.


Purple Dragon is recognized as a leader in martial arts, having transformed thousands of lives, from young children to adults, through character development. Don Jitsu Ryu’s instructors are trained to see to the needs of the individual student, which has been proven in many cases to boost the member’s confidence, self-worth, integrity, discipline, and other attributes to a healthy, prosperous lifestyle.

All trainees are coached to apply themselves at school, work, and leisure as they do within the walls of all Purple Dragon dojos. Patience and self-control are other qualities instructors embed in the minds of their charges, along with respect and humility, to help them deal with difficult social situations, as well as figures of authority. 

The goals of our students vary greatly, as some simply yearn to learn self-defense, while others seek to obtain the highest degree within martial arts. However, Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu’s principles remain rooted, and once applied, individual greatness is not only achievable but also anticipated.