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Purple Dragon is devoted to remaining among the top leaders in our industry by offering the best martial arts fitness system and services to our members. We will continue to provide extraordinary levels of student satisfaction and we will remain confident and dedicated to our system, Don Jitsu Ryu. We pride ourselves in building a reputation of integrity in every community we serve around the world.


Purple Dragon Instructors encourage our students to embrace a holistic lifestyle of wellness, and encourage positive and proper use of the Don Jitsu Ryu. “Keep in mind, Don Jitsu Ryu is not just a style, but a lifestyle”. Purple Dragon is truly aninternational organization, shaped by its rich history, and is always improving for a brighter future.

We have been creating opportunities for our members across oceans and borders, building new and strong relationships since 1970. To date, Purple Dragon has traveled to over SO countries and visited every continent, bringing a positive image and strong values to every community around the world in which we serve.

Purple Dragon’s international network has touched hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, in person and through the media. We offer life defense skills that give much hope, in a world where crime and negativity never sleep.
Purple Dragon as a martial arts school has dominated the Caribbean for over 30 years.

We offer a service that is superior to many rival schools, with dedicated instructors who are internationally certified and qualified, delivering a wide range of martial arts and fitness services. We also trade in our own and other
brand name training and safety equipment.

Purple Dragon helps all its branches to succeed, by supporting their efforts and providing them with current information that will help members to achieve their goal. If your goal is to become a Purple Dragon Black Belt World Champion, a Purple Dragon School Owner, or whatsoever vision you may have, we can help you to move forward.

Our advantage is not just the size of our membership and the world-class champions we produce, or the books and DVDs we create, but also our
loyalty to our members, preparing them to achieve success and make a positive contribution to their families and communities.


Purple Dragon is one of the best Martial arts for young kid’s world-class organizations that’s safe for kids, teens and adults, helps builds good character. The main system we teach at our dojos is Don Jitsu Ryu, we offer sport karate tournament, Self-Defense Fitness classes and life-style philosophies based on student’s needs.

We at Purple Dragon believe that Don Jitsu Ryu isn’t just a hobby, but a positive way of life. We have seen how our martial arts have brought added value to lives and help people grow and reach their full potential. Purple Dragon Martial arts inspires thousands to be more driven to improve their lives.

The things students learn in our Dojo can be applied to school, work, and your social life. Our students learn the discipline that keeps them humble, and respectful, and that go a long way with social situations, as well as when dealing with people in authority like parents and teachers.

Don Jitsu Ryu helps through tough times and you grow closer to your goals and dreams. You learn Self-control that’s helps you keep a cool and level head no matter how tense the situation may be. Our system also teaches when to act
and when to walk away.

Training in Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu can and will bring out the greatness in you and keep balance in your life once you are willing to learn.